At Webtaskr we believe in complete turn-key solutions meaning that your Cloud Dedicated Server comes standard with all the features you need for a successful experience. There is nothing worse than getting your server deployed only to find out you need to spend another month going from vendor-to-vendor to customize your server to fit your exact needs. We've tailored our Cloud Dedicated Servers to cover all types of businesses including high-traffic websites and large web hosting resellers: Free InterWorx Control Panel - Take full control of your Cloud Dedicated Server with NodeWorx and SiteWorx by InterWorx. These browser-based control panels give you the ability to easily add websites, upload files, install applications, and more with a simple graphical interface. You also have the flexibility to add an unlimited number of accounts/websites to your server without having to pay additional costs. Free SSL (https) Certificates - No longer do you have to pay extra to have your website secured. All of our Cloud Dedicated Servers provide free and automatic SSL certificates without any complicated configurations or third-party vendors. If you're hosting websites for clients, they'll especially love the added convenience of this feature. Automated Server Backups - Backing up your data incase of a disaster is extremely important and if you don't want to worry about configuring your own solution you can easily use our automated system which will backup your entire server daily and store the data in a secured offsite location. These can easily be restored from inside of our interface with the click of a button. Free Incoming Bandwidth - Don't worry about the incoming bandwidth of your Cloud Dedicated Server, it's unmetered! Your monthly bandwidth allotment only measures outgoing bandwidth! Many other providers bill both; incoming and outgoing, so don't let their high limits fool you!

Monday, February 17, 2020

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